Prabhgun Behniwal

Computer Science student at Waterloo University
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Bachelor of Computer Science
University of Waterloo


A well-rounded, passionate and dedicated Software Developer and Fitness Enthusiast.

I am currently seeking internships for my first co-op term, starting September, 2020. Toronto, Ottawa, where ever, I am happy to move anywhere that gives me a tremendous opportunity to learn, and to set myself up for future success.



▷   A multiplayer redesign of Inkle’s Sorcery adventure video game in Java with open-source framework LibGDX.

▷   Implemented multithreading network server programming using Socket for multiplayer mode.


▷   Developed autonomous vehicle software in C using Arduino for path following.

▷   Managed data input/output from HC- SR04 Ultrasonic Module and IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance sensors.


▷   Encrypted account for credential storage for access to private information (Python).

▷   Paired with a user-friendly GUI created with Tkinter to feed input information.


▷   Developed an interactive image editor in Python, while optimizing storage and

▷   Leveraging Pygame’s graphics and sound libraries to design layers, filters, vectors and filling tools.


  • March 2020 - Present

    COVID-19 Volunteer | Local Community

    Organized a group of young adults to help do grocery shopping for local senior citizens at risk from COVID-19.
  • September 2019 - Present

    Volunteer | University of Waterloo

    Led 1 on 1 fitness and nutrition sessions with students at University of Waterloo CIF gym, putting to use my ISSA certificates and passion for health.
  • August 2017 - Present

    Music Teacher | Sikh Youth Alliance of North America

    Volunteered as an Indian classical music teacher at camps organized by SYANA (North America).
  • In Progress

    Fitness & Nutrition Blogger | Personal Website

  • 2008-2015

    Syana Symposium | Sikh Youth Alliance of North America

    Competed at the International Sikh Youth Symposium by SYANA as a distinguished speaker. Ranked top regional speaker within competition for 5 consecutive years.


  • Python Advanced
  • Java Advanced
  • C/C++ Proficient
  • Javascript Proficient
  • Scheme Proficient
  • Coq Proficient
  • Django Proficient
  • Numpy Proficient
  • Github Proficient
  • Linux Familiar


  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning Certificate by
  • $8,000 University of WaterlooFaculty of Mathematics Scholarship
  • President’s Scholarship of Distinction (97.2% entrance average)
  • B2 Delf Certificate
  • Winter 2020 Dean’s List


  • Top 2% Canadian Senior Math Contest
  • Top 20% Canadian Computing Contest
  • Top 4% Euclid Math Contest
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer (Bodybuilding)
  • ISSA Certified CPR and AED
  • Captain of Ontario Cup Soccer Semi Finalist team